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MTS Yachts works on a personal level with crew and clients alike, and for that reason we continually produce a high standards and rates of success. Although much can be achieved via email and VOIP, it is very important that crew searching for placement, introduce themselves in person, where possible, and to make themselves available to meet with our placement staff.

All Candidates should ideally hold as a minimum a basic training certification to the “Standards of Training Certificate and Watchkeeping”, STCW 95 qualifications. Additional training and experience is to the advantage of the candidate, while the appropriate Certificates of Competency will be required for Deck and Engineer Officer Positions. Should you be new to the yachts, we are more than happy to advise on suitable basic training to jump start a career in the mega-yacht industry.

At MTS Yachts we welcome applications from Deck, Engine, Electrical/Electronic and Interior professionals, and crew already serving within the large yacht industry and holding STCW 95 certification, who may be ready for a new challenge either now or in the near future.

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MTS YACHTS has been placing crew since 1998.

MTS YACHTS realizes the special needs for Owners and Captains when placing specialized and experienced crew, whether it is for temporary or permanent positions.

MTS YACHTS manage and run the business with a team of dedicated and experienced human resource and recruitment consultants.

MTS YACHTS placement staff are extremely experienced in Yacht operations and supported by qualified marine officers.

MTS YACHTS has designed and invested in a recruitment database especially adapted to streamline the Candidate to the Client.

MTS YACHTS understand the roles, work conditions and unique opportunities of those who serve onboard large yachts.

MTS YACHTS consult with flag administrations to ensure all maritime certification regulations and requirements are complied with.

MTS YACHTS provide CV’s to our clients on a selective basis – typically 2 or 3, in the belief that these candidates are best suited to the unique requirements of the individual and the position available. We do not employ the saturation approach by overloading clients with superfluous CV’s.

MTS YACHTS guarantees to treat all enquires and projects with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism ensuring your privacy.

MTS YACHTS being fully independent is best suited to provide a professional unbiased service, which is our most valuable asset.

MTS YACHTS realizes the special needs for Owners and Captains when placing specialized and experienced crew, whether it is for temporary or permanent positions.

MTS YACHTS make no charges to candidates registering with us and value enquiries from professional Yacht crew. We also welcome contact from those Commercial and Military seafarers who feel they can meet the standards modern yachting demands.


First – Please register on line, answer all questions as best as possible, attached your CV/ Resume. Please ensure that the structure of your CV is:

Microsoft Word with photograph (Passport style) located in top right hand corner.
The CV must be comprehensive, and include such details as nationality, date of birth, and driving license, where applicable.

Dates of professional experience should be clear and on the left hand side of the page, month and year.
References will be required, and any additional email addresses for those references.

Second – A personal interview will then be set up, ideally face to face where feasible, or otherwise by “Skype” with video or by telephone.

This interview process – the “getting to know you” exercise – is vital if we are to help you find that perfect job.
Third – Once you are registered, it is extremely important to keep up the flow of information regarding changes in your situation.

Please keep us updated at all times if, for example:

If your contact details change

If your locations changes

If you acquire a new qualification

If you are no longer available

Checking in online should be done at least once a week by accessing your registration file.



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