Over 23 years of Shore Side Management

Ship & Yacht Management 


MTS YACHTS provides worldwide Ship management and Shore Support services. 

As yachts become more complicated in their operation, crew responsibilities, financial, liability, insurance, contracting, refitting, and many more. We assist and support owners, captains and crew in all areas of vessel operation.


 Complimenting the way a vessel operates, our full shore-side management service centralizes the

communications, accounting and marine issues related to super yacht ownership.
We offer our assistance on a request basis or as a continuing service. Captains worldwide find our support
service beneficial to the smooth running of their yacht. With busy ‘back-to-back’ charter seasons and many owners maximizing the use of their vessel, today’s Captain has little time to take care of the day to day operation, management, planning and accounting duties aboard the yacht. Shore support through MTS Yachts is a convenient, cost effective solution and provides continuity over time.

Management main items, but not limited to, in support of your vessel
  • Client Bank Accounts, set up and maintenance
  • Monthly Accounting, reconciling 
  • Funds Acquisition
  • Equipment overhaul and replacement
  • Refit preparation and costing
  • Negotiating contracts (including shipyard, dockside and warranty)
  • Crew contracts & Crew payroll 
  • Credit card 24/7 monitoring
  • Crew replacement and travel
  • Preparation for regulatory and class inspections or
  • Satellite communications registration
  • Radio license applications
  • Vessel paperwork and other logistical assistance
  • Mail, message & freight forwarding
  • Parts and mail forwarding 
  • Invoice checking and payments
  • Maintenance & Safety Plans
  • Online Central Cloud System
  • Crew Medical insurance
  • Insurance, policy choice, over see claims, risk assessment
  • ISM/ISPS when required




MTS yachts, where ever possible we secure significant discounts and will manage all negotiations in conjunction  with the captain. We will also ensure that yacht downtime is kept to a minimum, ensuring your vessel is out of action as little as possible. This can be achieved with a good working relationship with vendors globally.



 We ensure transparency and clarity at all times, providing clear regular budgets. Our services include the analysis of expenditure along with control over all outgoings and spend requests. Good financial management should mean no surprises. We will make sure your yacht is run efficiently, cost-effectively and in a business-like manner.



Our team handles everything connected with the crew, looking after all crew-related logistics. MTS Yachts removes the complications that inevitably come from the day-to-day management of a crewed yacht. Having dedicated and impartial crew support is beneficial to both the owner and to the crew. 

Services we provide include the management of taxes, compliance and crew medical liabilities, as well as all logistics, repatriation and vacation requirements. We also handle any complaint procedures and all employment contracts, ensuring that all paperwork is up to date and legal. The benefits of our Crew Management division are many, including taking over the headache of time-consuming payroll demands and ensuring zero owner liability for crew compliance.



MTS Yacht with years of marine engineering and logistical knowledge, along with there hands on approach, make them the ideal selection for the support your yacht will require, being able to communicate on all yacht related matters with the captain and engineer, producing an efficient team working for the same goal, especially when you are available 24/7 just like the crew.

There is nothing like lying flat on your back on the deck, alone except for the helmsman aft at the wheel, silence except for the lapping of the sea against the side of the ship. At that time you can be equal to Ulysses and brother to him.”
– Errol Flynn