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Project Management

Taking the Helm

Shipyard and refit work for a large yacht can be complicated and difficult, but MTS YACHTS provides  refit management that prevents disaster such as late delivery, over-budget projects and failed repairs and upgrades.

MTS YACHTS has many years of global experience, working to ensure the smooth delivery of yachts from refits by overseeing key elements in the process, from beginning to end. We represent the interests of Owners and Captains, which allows Captains and Crew time to take leave, or spend time on all the other responsibilities that are involved with running a large yacht.

We manage Yacht Projects by:

  •  Producing detailed cost predictions prior to refit
  •  Assisting in selection, vetting and overseeing, of all contractors
  • Keeping shipyard and contractors within quotes and estimates
  • Operating and managing escrow accounts and refit accounts
  • Working on site with the shipyard
  • Attending and monitoring all sea trials
  • Keeping costs down by the continuous monitoring of the shipyard and refit process
  • Updating Owners / Captains of progress by regular communications and online “share file” system
  • Data mining and record keeping
  • Supplying online “Cloud’
  • Complying with Flag and Class regulatory requirements

The one type of project that MTS Yachts specializes in, is the conversion of Private yachts to a Commercial status. Allowing the vessel to charter.