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Additional Services

Chartering (Commercial Compliance) 

For a yacht to engage in trade (Charter), there are many factors and considerations to be taken into account, from legal requirements, additional certification’s, crew qualifications, taxes, liability and many more, let MTS Yachts guide you through the process and manage all the requirements.

Planned Maintenance System

A planned maintenance system allows the captain to plan and track the vessels maintenance, this ensures the safe and efficient running of the vessel, along with the constant availability of the vessel machinery, in addition, breakdowns and failures can be reduced significantly, it is also an investment in the protection of the assets and optimization of their management.

Over the years MTS Yachts has given time and experience, welcomed the opportunity to get involved, promote, design and assist in projects that are green or environment friendly, from reducing carbon foot prints, solar yachts, personal & offshore wind turbines, waste oil conversion, under sea turbines, fresh water collection, and bio-degradable products.

Marina and Shipyard Design

With the ever increasing demand for berthing of super yachts the world wide, MTS Yachts has designed and consulted on many marina and shipyard projects. With there technical and vast marine experience, MTS Yachts is extremely suited to projects of this nature.

Mini ISM

For Yachts under 500 ton (ITC)  that are chartering, a MINI ISM system is required. MTS Yachts can produce and operate your system in conjuration with our shore office. Many benefits come with a quality MINI ISM system, a safer vessel, potential for reduced insurance premium and a crew that understand their working environment much better.

The Benefits of MINI ISM
  Promote and ensure safety at sea for the yacht’s crew and     guests 
  •  Prevent human injury or loss of life to the yacht’s crew, guests and third parties
  •  Avoid damage to the yacht
  •  Avoid damage to the environment

Fire and Safety Plans

Every Yacht should have a Fire & Safety Plan, MTS Yachts can produce as required. AS an IMO requirement a Fire Plan allows the identification and location of all emergency equipment located onboard


Sea Life Rescue. With the ever decreasing fish population globally due to over fishing, MTS Yacht now devotes a large part of its company time and resources to working and assisting Sea Life Rescue, a charitable organisation dedicated to re populating the Oceans on a mammoth scale, utilizing modern environmental friendly technologies, please take the time to view there web site and especially watch the short animated movie. www.sealiferescue.org

Crew Training Manuals

A yacht chartering and complying with IMO must have a Crew Training Manual onboard, the manual is to ensure that the crew understand all aspects of safety related to the vessel and there well being, from equipment usage and location to first aid procedures, but recommend a Crew Training Manual for all yachts, private or charter, where crew are employed.


For yacht over 500 ton (ITC) that plan on, therefore having in place a  commercial registration, the vessel will require ISM/ISPS , this system all relates to safety and security. Let MTS Yachts assist you with all the requirements, as it can be a complicated issue.

Government contracting: 

MTS Yachts has been involved with government contracting for many years, with staff that are ex military MTS Yachts is extremely suited to working with government agencies and military alike, especially in the marine field, above or below the water. 

Expert Witness: 

With Years of experience in the marine industry, yachts and military, MTS Yachts is frequently called upon to assist with legal or insurance issues, to provide a detailed document that can explain for the better understand of all concerned.

Ground Breaking

 MTS Yachts can assist and support new technical innovations, such as the world record breaking speed attempt for a Sea Plane, which has not been broken since 1937,  MTS Yachts has been given the opportunity to assist in this amazing  project, which involves a combination of air and water, wrapped up in cutting technology.


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